Thibault KM, Ernest SKM, White EP, Brown JH, Goheen JR.  2010.  Long-term insights into the influence of precipitation on community dynamics in desert rodents. Journal of Mammalogy. 91:787-797.

We are excited to announce that the White Lab has been fortunate enough to receive a CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant, Advancing Macroecology Using Informatics and Entropy Maximization, will support efforts to simplify the study of macroecology by unifying the multitude of patterns that are traditionally studied, and will fund a suite of ecoinformatics initiatives intended to improve the ease with which all pertinent ecological data can be used to address questions of interest.


The Department of Biology at Utah State University invites applications for a postdoctoral position in Dr. Ethan White's research group studying macroecology and ecoinformatics. The postdoc will collaborate on research testing methods for unifying macroecological patterns and using the resulting simplification to make predictions for a number of major macroecological patterns using a small number of ecological and/or environmental variable

White EP, Hurlbert AH.  2010.  The Combined Influence of the Local Environment and Regional Enrichment on Bird Species Richness. American Naturalist. 172:E35-E43.

Ethan White and Allen Hurlbert (University of North Carolina) just had a paper on The Combined Influence of the Local Environment and Regional Enrichment on Bird Species Richness published online at American Naturalist. The research shows that combining local environmental influences with measures of the regional species pool provides improved prediction of local species richness over either set of predictors alone.

We have begun to develop a series of Database Toolkits to provide quick and accurate setup of ecological databases. Drafts of the first two of these toolkits, one for the Breeding Bird Survey of North America, and one for our very own Morgan Ernest's Mammalian Lifehistory Database are now available as Beta releases for Linux-MySQL servers.

Morgan is in Santa Fe, NM this week for the bi-annual meeting of her NSF funded Research Coordination Network on integrating macroecological patterns and processes across scales.

Ethan White and collaborator Allen Hurlbert recently had a paper accepted at American Naturalist. The paper, titled "The combined influence of the local environment and regional enrichment on bird species richness", explores the benefits of integrating two historically distinct approaches to understanding geographic patterns of species richness.